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Donations may be made by mailing a check to: Felix for Assembly,  PO Box 212213, Anchorage, AK99521  or with credit card online via Anedot, below. 

NOTE: The Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) requires campaign donors to include their occupation and employer information. Please fill in this information in the Anedot online form. If you mail a check, please include employer and occupation information with it. Thanks for your donation!

APOC Rules:

  • Individuals may contribute up to $500 per calendar year to Felix For Assembly

  • The cash limit per person is $100 per calendar year. This counts towards the $500 limit.

  • The limit for contributions from outside Alaska is $3000 per calendar year.

  • Alaskan Groups / PACs may contribute up to $1000 per calendar year to a candidate.

  • Political Parties may contribute $5000.

  • Corporations, businesses that are not a sole proprietorship, and unions may not contribute to a candidate.

By clicking the "Donate" button below, you will be taken to the Felix for Assembly Anedot donation page, where you will be able to donate using any major credit card. Please be sure to fill in your employer and occupation, as APOC rules require it in order to accept any donation. Thank you!